Why You Have to Choose BHT and Aluminum Free Products


You cannot be too careful with what you eat and use on your body these days. Food and cosmetic manufacturers are using substances that may have damaging effects on health later on. There are many instances of people getting ill because of this practice. This nothing new and this precisely the reason for the FDA and other agencies whose function is to make sure that products introduced in the market are safe for consumers.

A good example of how food that you eat may not be safe as advertised is the presence of bht in some foods. What is bht? BHT stands for butyl hydroxytoluene, a synthetic fat soluble compound that slows down the rate of autoxidation of certain ingredients in products. It is generally used to prevent the oil in processed foods from becoming rancid. It is also used in the production of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and industrial products such as rubber, electrical transformer oil, petroleum products, cosmetics, electrical transformer oil, and embalming fluid and jet fuel. Learn what is bht here!

The presence of aluminum in some foods and cosmetics is another issue that you must take in consideration when you are buying a product. Popcorn bags use aluminum to prevent the popcorn from sticking to the bags. Some deodorants also use an aluminum based compound to temporarily shut down the pores of your skin to prevent you from perspiring. Aluminum in the body has been proven to pose health risks. Although not yet conclusive, preliminary research suggests that the aluminum in the popcorn bags and in deodorants can cause cancer. The ill effects of aluminum may not be evidently immediately, but it is not wise to be complacent about them.

The results of the preliminary studies on bht and aluminum have made consumers more careful about the deodorants and popcorn they buy. Happily a few manufacturers have responded positively to the consumers’ concerns and have stopped using bht and aluminum in their products. In fact many popcorn and deodorant products are now totally free of them.   Read https://www.reference.com/health/explore/fitness-exercise to gain more details about health and fitness.

You may be choosing from a group of bht or the best aluminum free deodorant products, but you can be sure that their quality are not the same.  If you want the best aluminum free deodorant, you can find it by clicking at this web site. The site will have information about the popcorn brands that do not pose risk to your health.